I Ate & Trained Like The Worlds Strongest Man For 24 Hours (Eddie Hall) 

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13. nov.. 2020





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Fadil sharafudeen
Fadil sharafudeen 2 dager siden
He is being haram with the bacon Gib will be upset
Kaesar Sm
Kaesar Sm 4 dager siden
Eddie training for a boxing match? He gotta be holding his head guard cause his body can take anything but his head is def his weak point no matter how big and sturdy he is!
Ciaran Joyce
Ciaran Joyce 14 dager siden
These vids are way better than the cook offs
Tom Zilver
Tom Zilver 19 dager siden
That 140 deadlift moved way to easy for a pr 😂💪 you can easily do 150/160
Zenon Bass
Zenon Bass 21 dag siden
What is that pralers and pralers song called
Dax Stotser
Dax Stotser 23 dager siden
You forgot to take the tren
Manroop Singh
Manroop Singh 23 dager siden
I just tried cranberry with the same protein Cal used lowkey bangs
Dev 23 dager siden
The messy frog puzzlingly increase because study genomically smoke times a flashy brand. maniacal, draconian design
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 26 dager siden
Jesus loves you all!
Reza Hussain
Reza Hussain Måned siden
what was that babyyy at 2:38
harsh vyas
harsh vyas Måned siden
Cal lied about putting the podcast in the description
Reshirex Måned siden
Electric Squid
Electric Squid Måned siden
You Dirty Devil Double Dipping cant believe this im unsubscribing @17:20
Chris Hottinger
Chris Hottinger Måned siden
I hit 145 kg for 5 reps today
SAM BROWN Måned siden
Harry on a Tuesday morning: 4:13
Catherine Stevens
Catherine Stevens Måned siden
Im all for a jake paul vs eddie hall fight
p c
p c 2 måneder siden
The are less people in the world than the amount of time he says knackered
Yakmn 13
Yakmn 13 3 måneder siden
You made the 140kg look easy work freezy looks like you got an extra 20-40kg in you there
Supriya Sahoo
Supriya Sahoo 3 måneder siden
Whats the gym session music?
Brett Daniels
Brett Daniels 3 måneder siden
you should do his old strongman diet and workout
Margamel 3 måneder siden
Maybe because you only trained once XD
taylor schwan
taylor schwan 4 måneder siden
yo u could pull way more then 140 bro u got it
TDx KNIGHT 4 måneder siden
Switch IOS
Switch IOS 4 måneder siden
Bruh the camera work at the gym bit WAS MAD! Wp but what was the song that stuff hit
Ben Allen
Ben Allen 4 måneder siden
What shoes is he wearing in gym?
Zedo 4 måneder siden
U know full well in those vitamins boxes he put tic tacs in them 😂😂
Krauxzd 4 måneder siden
12:22 The weight is....pushing something up
Joey Gregan
Joey Gregan 4 måneder siden
I was expecting his strongman diet, I set myself up for failure.
The Zak
The Zak 4 måneder siden
13:48 jeeeeez eriksen, what hapenned to you man
Michael Cockerill
Michael Cockerill 4 måneder siden
Join eddy in a video... I'm sure each if your channels would benefit.
Tom Frost
Tom Frost 4 måneder siden
Tune at 12:36?? 🔥🔥🔥
liam parker
liam parker 4 måneder siden
What the fuck did you do to that steak
Zac Welsh
Zac Welsh 4 måneder siden
8:21 is such a Harry thing to say
changozilla 421
changozilla 421 4 måneder siden
Calsqueezy really leveled up
lu4oFTW 4 måneder siden
gain some weight and then try it
Brandon Cowton
Brandon Cowton 4 måneder siden
..... are you and KSI secretly on gymshark contracts ...
Justin Kizube
Justin Kizube 4 måneder siden
Eat and train like a boxing KSI
Simey Cleary
Simey Cleary 4 måneder siden
Name of song
CAM 4 måneder siden
cbd oil, harry just entered the chat
callum stuart
callum stuart 4 måneder siden
do hathor
TheCommercialBreakk 5 måneder siden
140kg looked easy definitely 150/60 there
InGenius BTW
InGenius BTW 5 måneder siden
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark 5 måneder siden
Eddie doesn’t have cranberry in his shakes ffs😂😂 has it with his pre and bcaa
Bxsto 5 måneder siden
18:28 he has computer parts behind him while he’s on the couch
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 5 måneder siden
do people in the uk not wear masks
Theodor hagelberg
Theodor hagelberg 5 måneder siden
freezy: Swlows 10 pills like nothing me: Screms at mom cuz i dont want to take my adhd meds
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
Cals steaks are amazing. So pink in the middle but without blood what so ever.
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
15:23 we all go through youtuber holidays?
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
9:40 that victorious laugh tho🤣👏😅
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
2:52 said b and d wrong way round lmao
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
0:16 so funny how he covers himself🤣
Sasha Hariri Petrova
Sasha Hariri Petrova 5 måneder siden
How does Cal cook better in these videos than in the cook offs
Dдtchдniи 69
Dдtchдniи 69 5 måneder siden
You Know what you might not be close to me but you did good for your size plus congrats on the new PR.
Eden Hockridge
Eden Hockridge 5 måneder siden
Cranberry juice has no carbs in lol
TheRamboArmy 5 måneder siden
Should train like this for a month
Twiist 5 måneder siden
From the song at 12:50 I can tell that calfreezy watches MattDoesFitness
Need some good weed
Need some good weed 5 måneder siden
6:42 defo best part
Wyatt Booth
Wyatt Booth 5 måneder siden
I feel like you could still do more on deadlift it looked like it was easy
MossyEYE C
MossyEYE C 5 måneder siden
Gymshark is desperate for anyone it seems
Medox 1
Medox 1 5 måneder siden
They also use growth hormone which allows them to eat massive amounts of food and still lose fat. Some of them are still getting fat with that stuff which goes to show you how addicted to food some of them are. It might be necessary though.
Godfrey Nkansah
Godfrey Nkansah 5 måneder siden
I have the same birthday as Calfreezy. Like so he can see pls
fin_ lifts
fin_ lifts 5 måneder siden
Even tho it's not that much weight a pb is a pb respect and keep grinding💪
J 5 måneder siden
A personal best is a personal record Cal😂😂😂
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 5 måneder siden
That lift that you did in the intro your form was off you lifted it with your back haha
Arnav Apte
Arnav Apte 6 måneder siden
next time do jamie vardy's matchday diet.lol
rox 6 måneder siden
13:00 song name?
Attila Bathó
Attila Bathó 6 måneder siden
U had 150 in yoself maybe even 160
SGI Charlie
SGI Charlie 6 måneder siden
Didnt jordon wilson do this
Theo Mills
Theo Mills 6 måneder siden
Eddie knowing that the deadlifts doesn’t count cos he dropped it
F A I S A L 6 måneder siden
Luke Willis
Luke Willis 6 måneder siden
2 toast 3 eggs half a tin of beans 4 bacon 2 sausage day in day out maybe I'm mini eddie hall
WILFREDKOZALSKI 6 måneder siden
am i the only one who thinks it's funny that vik deadlifts more then cal lol
ALH GUITAR 6 måneder siden
Wait really?
Oleg Yablonskyy
Oleg Yablonskyy 6 måneder siden
5:56 don’t use any oil when cooking bacon you donut, the fat from the bacon will act as the oil
Shy Society
Shy Society 6 måneder siden
Holland and Barret dogshit supplements
Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills 6 måneder siden
Double overhand with no chalk? Man come on, mixed, straps or chalk up and you have another 10kg in you.
SevinKalas 6 måneder siden
11:42 and you see his small shrimp
LukeG82 6 måneder siden
Him reading out the names of the vitamins is to funny
Duncan Buckets
Duncan Buckets 6 måneder siden
You hit that 140kg way too easy next time take a crack at 160kg I reckon you could do it
SCTEKNO 6 måneder siden
I’m only 15 and I’m deadlifting 160kg 😂
hunter milligan
hunter milligan 6 måneder siden
*eats bacon and eggs* "this is such a British meal I love it"
Jack Hannaway
Jack Hannaway 6 måneder siden
Deadlifting 140 is impressive
ja das mooi
ja das mooi 6 måneder siden
You annoying
Daki owatevah
Daki owatevah 6 måneder siden
8:21 Cal legit sounds like Harry lol.
Ryy 6 måneder siden
what's the song at 12:37 ?
Bet Reality
Bet Reality 6 måneder siden
Its eddies diet to lean out eating that many caloreis cuz he ways over 300 lbs but its a major bulk for everyone else. Thats like 600+ cals in just the every shake, imagine how much of that extra is turning into fat, watchout!
Rio Fitzpatrick
Rio Fitzpatrick 6 måneder siden
U were like him Eddie hall
DamionHD 6 måneder siden
where did u see this video? i cant find a list of what he uses!
Manmeet Borkar
Manmeet Borkar 6 måneder siden
8:21 A wild Harry appears
primož mekina
primož mekina 6 måneder siden
Cal: (Makes a really nice meal) Food making competition starts Cal: Let me just forget how to cook food
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 6 måneder siden
The noodle has now become a super noodle
luis 6 måneder siden
Pause at 13:51 thank me later
MickeyMouse Gaming
MickeyMouse Gaming 6 måneder siden
name of the song in his gym montage ???
Bobby Jim
Bobby Jim 6 måneder siden
I am a skinny person but I eat a lot and I mean a lot every one says I eat so much but I’m skinny still
kolim jone
kolim jone 6 måneder siden
Bro lets go we got the Worlds Strongest Man and Eddie Hall in one video, this is amazing
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 6 måneder siden
Anyone know the song from the gym montage?
aryan _
aryan _ 6 måneder siden
140 went up very quick and clean i recon u could do more tbh
trizzac Is a nonce
trizzac Is a nonce 6 måneder siden
why did he cook bacon in fat
Tom Palmer-Smith
Tom Palmer-Smith 6 måneder siden
Is it me or dose frezy hump the bar
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 6 måneder siden
8:21 he sounds like harry😳
kolim jone
kolim jone 6 måneder siden
Imagine lifting as much as a 15 year old man I lift more than you
George Storey
George Storey 6 måneder siden
Harry and then cal all of them taking them drugs yeah
bruh monkey
bruh monkey 6 måneder siden
Every video I watch, they are wearing gymshark shirts
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