Who’s the Smartest Youtuber? (IQ Test) 

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28. nov.. 2020





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Alfie kidders
Alfie kidders 20 dager siden
Theo isnt funny at all
Billy Finlay
Billy Finlay 2 måneder siden
Someone how iQ is based on a trivia Makes sense people are stupid
Supreme Dmc
Supreme Dmc 2 måneder siden
He’s set 8 Fr only good at maths rare breed call won all four “hold that on your forehead”
UzzyT 2 måneder siden
You lot messed up the maths real bad.
jake 2 måneder siden
wtf is wrong with her face she looks dead
Georgia Alderson
Georgia Alderson 2 måneder siden
Chip ‘I’ve literally got my hand on both of your nobs right now’ 0.55 seconds in *sniffs fingers* impeccable timing.
Daizy Donut
Daizy Donut 3 måneder siden
Theo should have got half a point for airwap
Benjamin E
Benjamin E 4 måneder siden
baker the goat in this
Obaby Tutu600
Obaby Tutu600 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or is Becky alil cute on the low👀👀😬
IC Dwayne
IC Dwayne 4 måneder siden
Who else thought it would be an actual IQ test?
opal moon
opal moon 4 måneder siden
gcse maths 90 years ago was much simpler theo
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 4 måneder siden
👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 4 måneder siden
Bro we love Chippo around here
RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
I Really Love The Quiz :DDDDDDDD
CMDR PRAWN 5 måneder siden
just here for becky in a school uniform ngl,,,
Shadow 5 måneder siden
18:35 they spelled Brendan wrong ffs
Corban Parker
Corban Parker 6 måneder siden
Btw Becky got a 24 Reeves got a 46 Theo got a 60 Freezy got a 60 Crimes got a 64 They all failed
leah groves
leah groves 6 måneder siden
Has Theo got an A in GCSE maths by any chance?
Hriday Patel
Hriday Patel 6 måneder siden
ei39rk 6 måneder siden
Love this group
Bundhoo Nadeem M.
Bundhoo Nadeem M. 6 måneder siden
Ey yo what happnd to that red tie guy upper lips?
Kyglo_ 6 måneder siden
Whys Becky yellow
NitroZerker 6 måneder siden
Albert Einstein would have gotten none of these questions. Welp guess he's a moron.
Gleb Khachatryan
Gleb Khachatryan 6 måneder siden
They all just made half of my monthly budget in about an hour fml
INeedASqaud 6 måneder siden
It’s m to b the m to b it mmmmmmmmmm b bam
Real Christopher
Real Christopher 6 måneder siden
I swore I never see Callum again as I developed unholy addiction but... I am here watching. LMAO! Two of the warmest NOsectionsrs I know are sitting that close to each other. I did wish it happen and verily it did happen. But Josh certainly seems stiff and cold with Callum, and only appears comfortable with Simon. I wonder why.
TheMrDifox 6 måneder siden
So, does ginger Malfoy know that he's going bald? And does rando girl know that her excessive make-up makes her look orange??
Hasan Xhemaili
Hasan Xhemaili 6 måneder siden
Ksi cook off video
Connor 6 måneder siden
I was stuck in physics class and desperately in need of something to watch. Thanks for the video lads!
SpeedyMaGicXz 6 måneder siden
anyone notice he hasnt put everyones channels in the description like he said he would
Basicallyabush 6 måneder siden
Gamer Frank1
Gamer Frank1 6 måneder siden
I miss the club bruh
Gamer Frank1
Gamer Frank1 6 måneder siden
Yo 1111 what happened to rebel FC
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero 6 måneder siden
Wha you look down at becky 👀 20:08
Erica Rodriguez
Erica Rodriguez 6 måneder siden
Donald trump
Erica Rodriguez
Erica Rodriguez 6 måneder siden
Hey I know I'm late but cal what's your favorite show to watch on american Netflix?
Molli P
Molli P 6 måneder siden
Becky is normally the funniest person, these guys made her look dry
Pug Life
Pug Life 6 måneder siden
Since when did Theo get so funny😂😂
Jason 6 måneder siden
Need more of these videos, I quite like them also would like to see Theo win one for once
Haffiz Emamalie
Haffiz Emamalie 6 måneder siden
Wasn't the first NASA/Space X mission this year in May?
Fifa Digital
Fifa Digital 6 måneder siden
Theo is very underrated
SAM & SHEP TV 6 måneder siden
Please come check out our channel we will be using the GoPro 9!! Means a lot!!
Hyper HD
Hyper HD 6 måneder siden
I'm still waiting for the legendary NOsectionsr royal rumble 3 with Herry, Ethan, Lux and you!!
Patcar 6 måneder siden
Freezy has been making absolute bangers recently ngl
Albin 6 måneder siden
18:38 - 19:00 is the best part lmaooo
The Kurt
The Kurt 6 måneder siden
7:52 cal be looking like momo
John Doe
John Doe 6 måneder siden
guy on the left looks like Jake Pauls incest brother
Lenz 6 måneder siden
You really milking this shit aren’t you
maggie nulman
maggie nulman 6 måneder siden
blond one looks like jake paul and donald trump squished together
VORTEX TV 6 måneder siden
chipn dont sleep
Liberty Kez
Liberty Kez 6 måneder siden
its really hard to follow cause you have almost no visual graphics of the test answers
Weirdflex99 6 måneder siden
I feek for reev in this tbf
add1s0n 6 måneder siden
yes theo's math 0.89x4.2= 0.37 so 37% he defo winged it fam
Devam Shah
Devam Shah 6 måneder siden
Get vikk on
Niclas Ekfeldt
Niclas Ekfeldt 6 måneder siden
I feel like Cal lowkey don't like Theo. Or he just annoys him to a point where is no longer fun for Theo.
Jacob French
Jacob French 6 måneder siden
No NOsectionsr used nord vpn
Zach FreezeK
Zach FreezeK 6 måneder siden
the among us pattern task on Skeld is "turn reactor on" so Theo was acc right
Eamonn O Sullivan
Eamonn O Sullivan 6 måneder siden
That's over double ?
Jim Dollery
Jim Dollery 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one thinks Reev looks like the guy from bee movie in the thumbnail?
༺ ཉལཧཔད ༻
༺ ཉལཧཔད ༻ 6 måneder siden
Becky in this video just to get pied. Tbf, probably not the first time...
Jack Garven
Jack Garven 6 måneder siden
hey callum its me jack your little cousin please say hi to my dad if you see my comment😘❤👨‍👩‍👧
Isaiah Michael
Isaiah Michael 6 måneder siden
Let's start by saying this isn't an IQ test at all
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 6 måneder siden
Hamed Ali Khan
Hamed Ali Khan 6 måneder siden
Becky looks peng
TalkSoccer 6 måneder siden
The smartest youtuber generally is Vikkstar. Nothing can top Vikkstar.
Exploring Paradox
Exploring Paradox 6 måneder siden
theo almost looks like eminem a little
Dylan Enslow
Dylan Enslow 6 måneder siden
Why tf is she orange
Flozy 6 måneder siden
Amy Louise
Amy Louise 6 måneder siden
Poor Becky
Ollie Casson
Ollie Casson 6 måneder siden
Theo. give up with the hair.
Dangenix 6 måneder siden
All the quick zooms and shaky cam just gave me a headache.
Ludicrous 6 måneder siden
hahaha i love chip
D Arz
D Arz 6 måneder siden
Theo is so funny 🤣🤣🤣
ben feldman
ben feldman 6 måneder siden
why is becky yellow?
hasnat 6 måneder siden
Haven't watched the video yet and already know it's going to be great.
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 6 måneder siden
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Q8_ Hasan
Q8_ Hasan 6 måneder siden
spoiler: cal is smart
Ivan Enriquez
Ivan Enriquez 6 måneder siden
Bro why is she yellow?? Lmao
Tam Time
Tam Time 6 måneder siden
Someones gotta tell Becky she looks more orange than Trump with all that makeup....its nowhere NEAR the shade of her skin...
Braddbooya 6 måneder siden
it didnt take theo long to say about his a in gcse maths
GeneralEIC 6 måneder siden
Nord is shitty vpn , I tried it, payed money , and none of server were working
aadi sharma
aadi sharma 6 måneder siden
Haaland 6 måneder siden
The girl in the thumbnail looks like Jynx Maze.
Shady Grady Games
Shady Grady Games 6 måneder siden
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 6 måneder siden
This is so weird I was recommended the “are you smarter than a 12 year old video” with freezy, chip and reverend and played along the day after freezy drops this
Jim K
Jim K 6 måneder siden
Theo is balding baaaaadly. Just cut it all off mate
Heaney_S 6 måneder siden
Where are Beckys lips in the thumbnail
Zak Mkinsi
Zak Mkinsi 6 måneder siden
I don’t like how excited they got at django
Riz 6 måneder siden
Beckys make up is proper chav
J A 6 måneder siden
You literally stole the idea from eboys you stretched head tosser
Ricky Mason
Ricky Mason 6 måneder siden
The space x answer was wrong. Space x and nasa did a trip to the space station already before this months
yMurx 6 måneder siden
Is the camera man on speed can he not keep still
J Wy
J Wy 6 måneder siden
the woman shouldve been behz.
Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé 6 måneder siden
Me spamming on the screen while cal puts all his effort into trying to explain to me why nord is the vpn:😑
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 6 måneder siden
Why bring a women ffs
Debe Osakwe
Debe Osakwe 6 måneder siden
You didn’t link them in the description ☹️
indigogoldfish 6 måneder siden
Love to see a Becky breaking into ore collabs with Freezy and miniminter
Jared Helder
Jared Helder 6 måneder siden
Answer: Disguised Toast
LORENZO MILIND 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or is becky kinda yellowish
Ee Ee
Ee Ee 6 måneder siden
"Finest students" Brings in Theo.
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