I Stayed In A $15,000 Per Night Hotel Room! (Underwater Suite) 

Ganger 1,8 mill
98% 70 000 806

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19. des.. 2020





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Zhimond Coleman
Zhimond Coleman 3 dager siden
15,000 bitch please.
CRUEL CREATIVITY 4 dager siden
Patrick cloud brought me here 😂
Glacier Gaming
Glacier Gaming 19 dager siden
4:55 bonner alert
Robi Rifky Official
Robi Rifky Official 21 dag siden
2:35 M
Marius Damsgaard
Marius Damsgaard Måned siden
Mate u cant even Call a it a hotel room more like hotel house
Bruno Jorge
Bruno Jorge Måned siden
At least he knows what a bidé is 😂
Memorabilia Madness M&M
So basically your paying 15k to watch some fish swim ahh the life of the rich
ImFlow Måned siden
when he made the steve irwin joke 😔
Zac Heyns
Zac Heyns Måned siden
5:08 most underrated fucking goat. This guy is the person who entertains us
chloe louise
chloe louise 2 måneder siden
i stayed there . it's great
ariellap93 2 måneder siden
way too many ads
apex gaming
apex gaming 2 måneder siden
4:53 anyone else see that or...
Mahra Willam
Mahra Willam 2 måneder siden
I live in dubai! xo
Velda Huff
Velda Huff 2 måneder siden
vIceland volcano
TJBunks s
TJBunks s 2 måneder siden
this is the coolest hotel ever and you are really cool calfreezy
Callum Haddy
Callum Haddy 2 måneder siden
There's no way this is 15k per night
DJ Metro
DJ Metro 2 måneder siden
Imagine you wake up in the night hearing the glass slowly cracking...
Yuval Pinukimm
Yuval Pinukimm 3 måneder siden
It ain’t 15,000$ 😂😂😂 I’ve been there it’s between 500-1500 depends on date
Kiwi Dev
Kiwi Dev 9 dager siden
It is 15k
Harry Byrne
Harry Byrne 3 måneder siden
I've been to this hotel a few times. Have to say it's an amazing experience
Eba Andie
Eba Andie 3 måneder siden
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KaYoZz 3 måneder siden
double sited mirrors ey :)
ESA G 3 måneder siden
TMG 3 måneder siden
Man got barely any water in his face and still be looking like a goldfish 😂😂👌
Mattewlew's Lipsss
Mattewlew's Lipsss 3 måneder siden
just alicia
just alicia 3 måneder siden
" Well bedroom's alright, you know. Seen better 🙄" haha
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy 3 måneder siden
I went here with my family and stayed in Atlantis the palm It was mad
Ceniza_Ashes 3 måneder siden
The intro got me like: 5:07
infernal uzi
infernal uzi 3 måneder siden
is it me or does Cal look like the cart titan?
infernal uzi
infernal uzi 3 måneder siden
@Tyler Glass don't get me wrong I love his vids but there's a resemblance
Tyler Glass
Tyler Glass 3 måneder siden
You can’t be doin him like that😂
Hugh Stark
Hugh Stark 3 måneder siden
When you can, try to check out the hotel at the Yas Marina circuit Abu Dhabi and do a similar video to this ( only if you're prepared with the bank account)
Juleshet 4 måneder siden
My man you look like Kid Laroi not david beckham 🤣
julian C
julian C 4 måneder siden
J A 4 måneder siden
does covid even exsist there
I8 Icecream
I8 Icecream 4 måneder siden
How fucking hard is it for braindead influencers to not travel during a global pandemic. We get that you think you’re better than everyone else, you don’t have to blatantly show it.
Bowie Rogers
Bowie Rogers 4 måneder siden
Exactly and no one cares because it’s cal, I like him and all but he’s being a bit of a selfish prick
zipPnㄡ FN
zipPnㄡ FN 4 måneder siden
M8 I’ve been there it’s class
S Lo
S Lo 4 måneder siden
U went to a hotel that I lived in in 2019 and I arrived in 01:00 AM LOL
Glenn Stewart
Glenn Stewart 4 måneder siden
0:02 imagine u were sleeping and that ting smashed hahahah
King Alawaka
King Alawaka 4 måneder siden
isn't there a pandemic going on
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 4 måneder siden
He went in dubai
simply_as_mariam 4 måneder siden
I like how calfreezy interacts with his photographer sam and doesn't behave like he's not there like the rest of youtubers
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 4 måneder siden
👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄
Abadi Bukhari hi I am abadi
MD Rayyan
MD Rayyan 4 måneder siden
I actually have gone their for a school trip
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 4 måneder siden
Bro I could not stay here, I'd be doing an absolute madness in these rooms
The twin gamer
The twin gamer 4 måneder siden
I wish I could go there
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming 4 måneder siden
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Zak Maguire
Zak Maguire 4 måneder siden
Jackooo 123
Jackooo 123 4 måneder siden
Zoomed in found your hotel room cheers mate have a good day
Cillian Hanway
Cillian Hanway 4 måneder siden
I was there on the 28th of December
Andreas Bekker
Andreas Bekker 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know where his shirt is from?
SidemenOctopusKisser 5 måneder siden
I only watch him because of his accent
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson 5 måneder siden
sorry to spoil it but it’s £24,000 for flights and the best room for 5 people for 14 nights, not £15k per night
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson 5 måneder siden
btw i haven’t gone and looked bc of this video i know because my family was booking this hotel for sometime this year
Drapes 5 måneder siden
Jesus that roof must be high, it made an adult giraffe look small
Aaron's Vlog Tube
Aaron's Vlog Tube 5 måneder siden
You look like simon (miniminter) from sidemen
Brian McCann
Brian McCann 5 måneder siden
Who is this bloke??
EDC Gaming
EDC Gaming 5 måneder siden
I have stayed in this hotel twice before its the best place I have ever visited!
ROHAAN UZUMAKI 5 måneder siden
If any Indian see's this they will rember the movie happy new year
Hunter Colquhoun
Hunter Colquhoun 5 måneder siden
12:57 into the video you hear JJ laugh>?
Dillon 06
Dillon 06 5 måneder siden
I’ve been there it called Atlantis the palm and I went there twice and swam in that fish tank
Daniel McGuirk
Daniel McGuirk 5 måneder siden
All fun and games until the glass smashes
SvckDxck 5 måneder siden
this video made me miss dubai ngl
Mrcyberslayer 5 måneder siden
12:20 is it “I’m the head of the game” or “I’m ahead of the game
George Woolley
George Woolley 5 måneder siden
genuinely up to this point i didnt realise it was you in the adverts
mattmills1 5 måneder siden
Was YungChip there?
Mahamed Aden
Mahamed Aden 5 måneder siden
fact : freezy got permission to view the room and isnt actually staying there
Fay Robinson
Fay Robinson 5 måneder siden
u know that giant glass chandelier thing at 1:30 isn't there one in the Victoria and Albert museum in London? more blue and green coloured though
Online Booking
Online Booking 5 måneder siden
Hiyaaaa sing loudly lol
ZaPeD Freeze
ZaPeD Freeze 5 måneder siden
Subscribe to my friend "Strail X"
Kat 5 måneder siden
2013 Joe 😎
Emily Cooking
Emily Cooking 5 måneder siden
No offence, but this is what rich people do when they have hit rock bottom. 🤑
Marinette Du Peng Cheng
Marinette Du Peng Cheng 5 måneder siden
Midnight: Shark: time to scare Hooman
Frostyy110 5 måneder siden
What if the glass breaks 😂
titan wolf
titan wolf 5 måneder siden
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga 5 måneder siden
Did he go to Saudi Arabia or omen I have no volume so what country?
Sam Soccer channel
Sam Soccer channel 5 måneder siden
Quality vid mate
Kjonez XO
Kjonez XO 5 måneder siden
such a nice video. I love how Ethan Like a big kid on a field trip
Harley Edwin
Harley Edwin 5 måneder siden
The same room I stayed in 😂
Corey Vlogs
Corey Vlogs 5 måneder siden
Jelly Tits
Jelly Tits 5 måneder siden
BRuh lmO
Ibrahim A
Ibrahim A 5 måneder siden
I live in Dubai I can get free rooms I’m pretty famous their
AdequateMani 5 måneder siden
14:00 lol
Lesley 5 måneder siden
Anyone else thought when he clapped it accaully turned on the light haha
EhXotics 5 måneder siden
that hotel is craaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy bru
wearefalse s
wearefalse s 5 måneder siden
Hilaria Baldwin Accent
Maitzy JP
Maitzy JP 5 måneder siden
I bet the hotel would make a lot more money if they made the underwater room like 3000 a night
Andrea Vang
Andrea Vang 5 måneder siden
The Kardashians stayed in that exact room in 2018
Andrea Vang
Andrea Vang 5 måneder siden
the video, with proof - nosections.info/green/mpaHb2p5foRuxZU/video.html
Cathal H
Cathal H 5 måneder siden
Anyone else see him in the new lynx ad
Zacmac25 5 måneder siden
Pause the video then skip to 8:03
Laurence bradshaw
Laurence bradshaw 5 måneder siden
4:09 what if your taking a shit an it makes a loud clapping sound n the light goes off
Emily Laing
Emily Laing 5 måneder siden
If I’m honest I wouldn’t be sitting there watching as I’ll just be picturing a shark come out of no where , like on the Meg 😂😳
giganticsteel 239
giganticsteel 239 5 måneder siden
Can I just say of course camera man Sam loves his job he gets to go places like Dubai for free I mean how can't get better than that oh and he spends time with frenzy, Callux the sidemen
Daniel Duff
Daniel Duff 5 måneder siden
Love me a dulux room
CT Element
CT Element 5 måneder siden
0:18 low kew thought they had him dress up like the kid laroi lol
Emilio Díaz
Emilio Díaz 5 måneder siden
i’m going here next year idc
Suddy 5 måneder siden
Your camera man is Ben chillwell lmao
Henry Moore
Henry Moore 5 måneder siden
Different gravy I’m the one
Team Rocket
Team Rocket 5 måneder siden
when you are the goldfish loool
ElliotElite 5 måneder siden
Images taking 10 seconds of the hotel to read a book
ImGrenade 5 måneder siden
You had me laughing at that sound after “songs”
Razr Gaming
Razr Gaming 5 måneder siden
Well that lynx ad paid off
بو حميد
بو حميد 5 måneder siden
Yea m8 15000$, funny this is that not a single hotel costs that much in dubai, the most expensive one would be burj al arab which is around 2-3k$, anyways atlantis is like 1-2k$
Officer Shot
Officer Shot 5 måneder siden
are you going to see kiss?