I Ate & Trained Like RONALDO for 24 Hours 

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19. sep.. 2020





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dotimation 124
dotimation 124 6 dager siden
Its a Wannabee w2s
Duwap 6 dager siden
cals face at 3:15 is forever my mood lmao
Mister Smokes
Mister Smokes 7 dager siden
I'm up at 5 if not earlier 6 days a week. It's actually pretty normal for people with regular jobs to be up b4 or around 7 lol
Lelouch 22 dager siden
Do messi training
Oisín Måned siden
Something tells me that the ham and cheese cal had isn’t what Ronaldo has
Reshirex MÃ¥ned siden
Talal Nazir
Talal Nazir MÃ¥ned siden
PLZ do usain bolt
Kidraenn 2 måneder siden
do mike thysons
Sofia Skouros 07
Sofia Skouros 07 2 måneder siden
You should do messi
Wimbwombbo 2 måneder siden
Alex was STARING at ethans thighs at football
nial olsen
nial olsen 2 måneder siden
omg lmao
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 2 måneder siden
Munch and gym is a bit dead but meals and naps wise I’m so down! 🤩
Lallie White
Lallie White 3 måneder siden
Rewatching cause Freezy hits ✨different✨ watching the Spurs match
Andythebeast 3 måneder siden
love uncle bens
Andythebeast 3 måneder siden
well done
Adam Towns
Adam Towns 3 måneder siden
I am the most recent comment. LOL!!!!
Gen-Z 3 måneder siden
My man has Ronaldo's phone number wow !!!
James G
James G 3 måneder siden
I’m the most recent comment
Anton Schmidt
Anton Schmidt 3 måneder siden
the Photos are fotoshopt
EffectualLabor17 3 måneder siden
His naps are 90 mins 6 times a day
Blast_ io
Blast_ io 3 måneder siden
Team VeXy
Team VeXy 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo over messi everyday
Alexis Mendoza
Alexis Mendoza 3 måneder siden
Claire wright
Claire wright 3 måneder siden
Ronald is better than messi
DORA van de BUURT 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo os the beeeeeeest!!!!!!!!! 💪💪💪💪
Blade Govender
Blade Govender 3 måneder siden
My guy actually copied behz, u twat behz is better
Adrian Younesi
Adrian Younesi 3 måneder siden
Do a day of life of messi pls
Adrian Younesi
Adrian Younesi 3 måneder siden
Corrupt Slappy
Corrupt Slappy 3 måneder siden
i shit meself when u showed the fish lmao
Benjamin James
Benjamin James 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo is better
Haris McLynn
Haris McLynn 3 måneder siden
why does it look like cal has lipstick
Ozzy Lmao
Ozzy Lmao 3 måneder siden
Sword fish is amazing honestly when we went to Spain it was on this beach thing and over balcony and shit so yh
Renezito 17
Renezito 17 3 måneder siden
Instead of 1 day. Start doing like. 5 weeks. Bump it up
Uzair Mahmood
Uzair Mahmood 3 måneder siden
He wouldn’t do that he was so tired in one day.
Jamie Rose
Jamie Rose 3 måneder siden
That cheese and ham I would actually have
VIOLLAX 3 måneder siden
Can u plz do messi to make my day 🥺🥺🥺
Donnamarie Davenport
Donnamarie Davenport 3 måneder siden
Ronald rocks like cal freeze
MTheJukesOnYou 3 måneder siden
you need to train your legs at some point
Seth 3 måneder siden
K.U.T Gaming
K.U.T Gaming 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo’s house is that big, he doesn’t even need to drive anymore to get to his destination. It’s all around the corner
Le. cior
Le. cior 3 måneder siden
We recommend 20-minute naps on important training and competition days, and a 90-minute nap on days off or recovery from a long or hard workout,”. Making sure the athlete has banked as much sleep as possible going into the event by napping every day prior will help with performance during the event. This is what we get from our coaches 🤙
alexEi4o 3 måneder siden
Cal you violated perfect tuna steak
Alex Millar
Alex Millar 3 måneder siden
do your own day in the life
Rowan Shawl
Rowan Shawl 3 måneder siden
Yo when he yawns it looks so much like Harry 😂😂
The Narensinho
The Narensinho 4 måneder siden
I would like to see Ronaldo’s comment
Benjamin Estrada
Benjamin Estrada 4 måneder siden
Benjamin Estrada
Benjamin Estrada 4 måneder siden
avocado 7:42 that sounded like w2s and 9:57
Luka Majhenič
Luka Majhenič 4 måneder siden
Cal u said u woke up at 6.00 am right?...then why is the time saying 4.52 am on the oven (microwawe) hhaha
Benjamin Estrada
Benjamin Estrada 4 måneder siden
Messi > Ronaldo
Liv H
Liv H 4 måneder siden
That’s tobys brand mask 🥵
Eitan Chervin
Eitan Chervin 4 måneder siden
This day in a life is so much better then others because it's sooo much more realistic. Eat, sleep, workout
BROWIN CHENNEL 4 måneder siden
Karan Singh
Karan Singh 4 måneder siden
Does anyone agree that the basic alarm sound is the most annoying sound ever
Lily Johnson
Lily Johnson 4 måneder siden
why did I think Alex was a random kid playing football with them
Aaron Orlando Figueroa Pita
Aaron Orlando Figueroa Pita 4 måneder siden
Comes to a point that you can't hate freezy
Utku Çetin
Utku Çetin 4 måneder siden
What u using under armour instead of gymshark,get out u stinky
Double J
Double J 4 måneder siden
Ronaldo is better than messi
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 4 måneder siden
Bro the bags under your eyes lmaooo
Hayden Miller
Hayden Miller 4 måneder siden
JMO _ 4 måneder siden
The photo of Ronaldo with the cheese and ham is fake. In the real photo its a salad with eggs and tuna and stuff. You've been had mate.
Harvey Roberts
Harvey Roberts 4 måneder siden
Do bez
Ross Cheese
Ross Cheese 4 måneder siden
tiger bread is the pengest munch
Max Gosse
Max Gosse 4 måneder siden
Irn bru what a boy
Isabella Hart
Isabella Hart 4 måneder siden
the only person i know that say raspberry how its spelt
hamza mamdani
hamza mamdani 4 måneder siden
The bench dip form you used is not good you are putting to much pressure on your shoulders and you are rubbing it to much on the bone right above
Logan Jr
Logan Jr 4 måneder siden
Juliana Costa
Juliana Costa 4 måneder siden
Hey there, does anyone know what song it is on min 16:50? It's for a friend eheh
GLITCH MAKER 5 måneder siden
Only 24 hours
Ciocani Iosif
Ciocani Iosif 5 måneder siden
2:23 did i see a lipton over there?
Kaydee 5 måneder siden
Whos that kid with that massive afro , is it jjs son ?
Kerr McGrath
Kerr McGrath 5 måneder siden
Get Harry to do maradona u know why 😂😳
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 5 måneder siden
Who is that person with the afro man bun?
KMvvz 5 måneder siden
13:18 what a clean transition
Horny Step Mom _ Videos
Horny Step Mom _ Videos 5 måneder siden
Why does Cals cameraman remind me of Charlie Chaplin
Abdullah Masum
Abdullah Masum 5 måneder siden
The stars have aligned
Richard Greaves
Richard Greaves 5 måneder siden
It's 20 minute naps. Proven to be the optimum time because you don't go to REM sleep.
Kötbullen 5 måneder siden
Hes doing a vid of ronaldo but wear alexander arbold boots 😂
jaraiya ya
jaraiya ya 5 måneder siden
Calfreezy make a video: Nobody: Effort: has left the chat
Tyreese Nelson
Tyreese Nelson 5 måneder siden
Do Messi next
George Stanbridge
George Stanbridge 5 måneder siden
Do ksi
Pilgrimblade 5 måneder siden
This guy has deffo earned these views
Stevie P
Stevie P 5 måneder siden
The empty cough resultspreviously radiate because deadline distinctively hop out a stimulating professor. envious, purring cartoon
Jack Pryce
Jack Pryce 5 måneder siden
U fucked up the steak it’s normaly really nice
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
13:12 theres some athletes on that team damn. Ethan the gymshark rep, weight loss king/ gym rat and london marathon runner, reev the road runner and marathon runner, gets free under armour gear (and just solid bloke), cal training to be ronaldo, boxer in his early days, free gear from under armour😂
XE Barley btw
XE Barley btw 5 måneder siden
Origi is the best
max steinberg
max steinberg 5 måneder siden
m8 Ronaldo has protein after the gym
ivan 5 måneder siden
An episode of wanting to be in shape but at the same time wanting content
rox 6 måneder siden
Just gave me nightmares
Preston Chetty
Preston Chetty 6 måneder siden
Lebron James plz
Sophie Pratt
Sophie Pratt 6 måneder siden
Do ffloyd maeweather
Afflict 6 måneder siden
Ronaldo has the ugliest physique, no idea why people wanna look like shit but okay
Mehr Hassan
Mehr Hassan 6 måneder siden
Bro i am 13 years old and i can do 20 bench dips
OJLGames 6 måneder siden
13:25 music?
Cosmos Kami
Cosmos Kami 6 måneder siden
I thought you would me Ronald mc Donald
LuckyFury 6 måneder siden
Does anyone know the title of this soundtrack at 13:22 ?
Rasik wagjiani
Rasik wagjiani 6 måneder siden
liam edwards
liam edwards 6 måneder siden
for a minute i thought alex was some random kid
Nathan Girvan
Nathan Girvan 6 måneder siden
Should defo do maradonas diet❄️
Jonny Jetblack
Jonny Jetblack 6 måneder siden
Why. Does. Ronaldo. Look. Like. He’s. A. Wingsuit
chicken memes22
chicken memes22 7 måneder siden
You should train like ksi got a day
Adam Morrison
Adam Morrison 7 måneder siden
Cal you were right that tiger bread bangs
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