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10. okt.. 2020





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SpinkyTheWorm 2 dager siden
246 47 135
Arthur Barnwell
Arthur Barnwell 4 dager siden
i dont think harry realises how funny he is
AlexthatKid d
AlexthatKid d 5 dager siden
This is one of the best vids on NOsections
Chloe Carr
Chloe Carr 6 dager siden
This is the best trio
Dink__11 11 dager siden
I’ve watched this video many times and it makes me choke every time,Harry Is one of the funniest people on the planet
charlize martin
charlize martin 15 dager siden
ethans laugh at 7:20 is killing me
Mean FN
Mean FN 22 dager siden
Bro i love them
Chooba 23 dager siden
Harry’s pain in the one about him being autistic god damn
Hero Complex
Hero Complex 24 dager siden
Cal: Blank gives me massive gay vibes- Harry: Me
Hayley Rose
Hayley Rose 24 dager siden
Cal is the definition of a skinny white boy
Rhema Onyia
Rhema Onyia 27 dager siden
aye yoooo did anyone see the caption at 12:36 😳 turn on your captions you’ll see
jen macmiller
jen macmiller 27 dager siden
I still come back to this video
Yaqub 29 dager siden
3:25 I don't know why it was so easy to figure out harry said 51 but yeah she turned 51
CREEPER 29 dager siden
669 dislikes... Nice
Marcus Svensson
Marcus Svensson Måned siden
Pov: you are ethans face when they are lsughing Ima FOCKING TOMATO
Chantelle Peters
Chantelle Peters Måned siden
Recommend having a 2cb with a spliff n try watch this ain’t stopped fucking laughing 🤣😭
LuCy NataS
LuCy NataS Måned siden
Wait but harry isn't autistic that's not how it is he's just a bit awkward u can't call that autistic
asia kaminiarz
asia kaminiarz Måned siden
I can watch this video million times and i will laugh every time.
Henry T
Henry T Måned siden
Fight me I liked the yellow trim
Ravy on 60fps
Ravy on 60fps Måned siden
Well it me
Calvin Joe
Calvin Joe Måned siden
i love you guys with all my heart
dock aanl
dock aanl Måned siden
How is harry the biggest in the room????
J money
J money Måned siden
Best video i have seen on youtube. No joke absolutely fucking hilarious
____ Måned siden
It’s tradition to watch this every week
Nil N
Nil N Måned siden
Ethan's laugh made me laugh so hard😂😂 it genuinely brightened up my day thanks mate
Ernesto Perez
Ernesto Perez Måned siden
Bhez’s “chicken” laugh is contagious and Harry’s humor is so underrated it’s crazy! Thanks Freezy for the laughs!
lily Måned siden
Harry doesn't realise how funny he is
D-Max Måned siden
jesus harrys lookin buff
KyleT0928 Måned siden
I love how at 12:53: Cal: “Blank gives me massive gay vibes--“ Harry: “Me.”
UnknoWn Wrld
UnknoWn Wrld Måned siden
Some questions they didn't even answer like wtf is this video 😂😂😂
Allyssa Christensen
Allyssa Christensen 2 måneder siden
I feel so bad for Harry tbh. He tried so hard to seem un phased but you could see the sadness in his eyes when they kept laughing
Emily Carruthers
Emily Carruthers 2 måneder siden
This is my comfort video omg i love this
Grace Mcnally
Grace Mcnally 2 måneder siden
TEARS when harry dent say katies name
Kay H.
Kay H. 2 måneder siden
MeJustAimy 2 måneder siden
one of my favourite vids lol funnyaf
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 2 måneder siden
my favourite sideduo
Eliaahh 2 måneder siden
I have watched this vid way too many times
conor kirkman
conor kirkman 2 måneder siden
6:19 till 8:07 ethan laughed
Chloe Arundel
Chloe Arundel 2 måneder siden
10:10 got laughing😭🤣🤣
Pauline Myaba
Pauline Myaba 2 måneder siden
Who came from tik Tok
G.C 9
G.C 9 2 måneder siden
Nope just u
Gogs F
Gogs F 2 måneder siden
6:10 is the funniest moment
bookofkellz 2 måneder siden
A behz and bog special 🤣
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 2 måneder siden
This was too funny
M2S 2 måneder siden
At 6:18 i felt bad harry actually looked sad
_ Lazoee
_ Lazoee 2 måneder siden
He really does sound like a chicken when he laughs
Wavy 2 måneder siden
pause the video and go to 14:31 cal is lookin like a proper nonce like holy shit how many kids does that man have in his basement
Kelan Browne Music
Kelan Browne Music 3 måneder siden
I reckon freezy hasn't had his first shave yet
Storm Lerhard
Storm Lerhard 3 måneder siden
feel like this is one of his best vids in a while
jen macmiller
jen macmiller 3 måneder siden
pls do another one
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic 3 måneder siden
Cal is crazy😂😭
Ryan Carney
Ryan Carney 3 måneder siden
This looks like it could be one of the best squads in history
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper 3 måneder siden
Turn on sub titles and look at 12:35. Like wtf
Big Willy
Big Willy 3 måneder siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Lzckiest 3 måneder siden
👀 👃 👄
Jessica Cantle
Jessica Cantle 3 måneder siden
I wish I could watch 6:18 all over again for the laughter 😂 I watched it so many times I can’t laugh anymore.😭😂
Jaydob101 3 måneder siden
ethans laugh 😂 😂😂
kallum tobin
kallum tobin 3 måneder siden
W2S clips came in clutch
Finlay MacDonald
Finlay MacDonald 3 måneder siden
this video is class
King Eomer
King Eomer 3 måneder siden
ethans thighs are brighter than my future
M G 3 måneder siden
I watch this video atleast once everday 😭😭
Casaine ♪
Casaine ♪ 3 måneder siden
Literally ‘hide the pain Harold’
Eire King
Eire King 3 måneder siden
The guy in the middle is a secretly gay if he hasn’t come out yet
Hannah Calvert
Hannah Calvert 3 måneder siden
i think this is my comfort video, i watch it every week
EwanAllan Mk6
EwanAllan Mk6 3 måneder siden
this video should have way more views it’s top class
EwanAllan Mk6
EwanAllan Mk6 3 måneder siden
this video should have way more views it’s too class
Freya White
Freya White 3 måneder siden
7:21 , Ethan do be sounding like Michael Jackson
Johannes Årvåg
Johannes Årvåg 3 måneder siden
Iconic Video.
AlbertsStuff Reuploads
AlbertsStuff Reuploads 3 måneder siden
14:30 (calfz face) my face when my mom blames something on my brother but it was actually me
Jayden Box
Jayden Box 3 måneder siden
Ethan laughed for a solid 2 minutes I’m so jealous
Iqra Zab
Iqra Zab 3 måneder siden
Danm why they gotta laugh at Autism Harry doesn't look autistic! 😑😑
Iqra Zab
Iqra Zab 3 måneder siden
@_XxChelseaXx_well he seems to have forgotten that he called himself autistic in this video 🤷‍♀️😭
_XxChelseaXx_ 3 måneder siden
Probably because in a sidemen video he literally shout “I’M AUTISTIC” and everyone referrers to it 😭
Anna 3 måneder siden
Well this got abelist as fuck laughing so much about someone seeming autistic wtf
Daan Cumming
Daan Cumming 3 måneder siden
I just don’t understand people who think Harry doesn’t have autism. For those that have it (very mild in my case) it is very clear from the get-go. But don’t chat when you’re not educated about said subject. Just let the lad do his thing. It’s not a disease or something.
Unknown X
Unknown X 3 måneder siden
look at the subtitles at 12:37 🥶
Catt Garcia
Catt Garcia 3 måneder siden
Pssssh I’d get DP from Behz and Harry. 110%
LB76 3 måneder siden
“Well it’s me” ffs 😂
CRYPT1C 3 måneder siden
41 years old
Tate 3 måneder siden
Kinda annoyed me how freez kept saying Harold
SLOHT 3 måneder siden
Ethans Bulimic. Says shits once a day, has the cover of bad bowls from before and every meal? I've been there dude. Don't get how nobody sees that though
Kuro 3 måneder siden
Stop making assumptions. Unless behz says something about it himself don’t say shit.
Dana 3 måneder siden
Cal and Ethan were laughing at Harry: 🔴 🔴 / | \ / | \
Benjamin Parker
Benjamin Parker 3 måneder siden
9:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
chax 3 måneder siden
6:17 😂
NarwhalGalaxy 3 måneder siden
Jesus loves you!
Debbie Macdonald
Debbie Macdonald 3 måneder siden
Freezy and ethan laughing is like me and my best mate when we just look at each other in English
Therealpikaboss 3 måneder siden
You are here for 6:09 thank me later
Joshua Hopkinson
Joshua Hopkinson 3 måneder siden
Harry = 🐐
shima akbari
shima akbari 3 måneder siden
Ethan's laugh make me laugh extremely😂😂😂
Ted Newton
Ted Newton 3 måneder siden
Harry said his mum was 55
emaan 3 måneder siden
8:36 6:28 13:46
caitlin 3 måneder siden
i rewatch this video at least every month
Ciara Mccaffrey
Ciara Mccaffrey 3 måneder siden
Cal marrying Katie , we see you
iz ruth
iz ruth 3 måneder siden
harry is a gorgeous man
Steph anie
Steph anie 3 måneder siden
I come back this video too much 🤣
e m
e m 3 måneder siden
8:18 the way harry just sits there watching them laugh😂
BungleBonce 3 måneder siden
dear Santa, i want a Harry, Cal and Bez borkin special for Christmas ;)
C B 3 måneder siden
Can’t I see boggle eye Ethan ahahhaha
cobymaxmitch 4 måneder siden
One of the GOAT videos
Bethany Maxwell
Bethany Maxwell 4 måneder siden
all i have to say is..... Harrys arms and shoulders
Skye’s vlogs
Skye’s vlogs 4 måneder siden
At 11:09 he didn’t say Katie ahahah
Holly Doyle
Holly Doyle 4 måneder siden
Just me coming back again to watch this hilarious gem
Baller 123
Baller 123 4 måneder siden
I can’t stop staring at ethans eye now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chioma Ifedigbo
Chioma Ifedigbo 4 måneder siden
Every now and then I come back to laugh at 6:12
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