I Ate & Trained Like THE ROCK for 24 Hours 

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20. aug.. 2020





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Keon Green
Keon Green 5 dager siden
Calfreezy: Yeah My life isn't that interesting 😂😂😂 Also Calfreezy: Goes Wake Boarding with Harry a few hours later 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sir bonkers
sir bonkers 10 dager siden
good vid cal
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 18 dager siden
Jesus loves you guys!
michael zoric
michael zoric 18 dager siden
Calux stinks :/
Blake Mcl
Blake Mcl 22 dager siden
6:43 How clean was that transition though
Pranav 2237
Pranav 2237 23 dager siden
The sheer amount of protein is unreal
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 27 dager siden
Wtf I just got a Ad from the state of Israel defending its actions against Hamas
Karthik Arumugam
Karthik Arumugam Måned siden
We're at 92k likes where's the full uncut video???
Freya Wedeman
Freya Wedeman Måned siden
calux stinks
Reshirex Måned siden
Christopher Macdonald
Callux stinks
the wandrerer
the wandrerer Måned siden
Paper tryna turn into the rock
Kyla MacDonald
Kyla MacDonald Måned siden
Do mark walbergs next
Akalipo Nseula
Akalipo Nseula Måned siden
To all the children that didn't understand at 4:30, ur too young
Korey Rodger
Korey Rodger Måned siden
eyes look very glazed in this 🍁👀
Ducken Måned siden
15:52 actually made me think the video was over
Glenn Galea
Glenn Galea Måned siden
I know I'm late but for stat purposes... Callux stinks.
Millie Måned siden
callux stinks
Mohammed Raza
Mohammed Raza 2 måneder siden
You forgot the steriods
Radi Machete
Radi Machete 2 måneder siden
Callux Stinks
Pro Boi
Pro Boi 2 måneder siden
Callux stinks gang
Rahima S
Rahima S 2 måneder siden
Callux stinks
Dragon of the west
Dragon of the west 2 måneder siden
callux stinks
bowz53 2 måneder siden
So Harold is jus nasty at wake boarding?😂
Nathan Gehrke
Nathan Gehrke 2 måneder siden
You missed the steroid and Testosterone treatments
Fried Egg
Fried Egg 2 måneder siden
The rock doesn’t do steroids lol
King Sav
King Sav 2 måneder siden
cant just be me whose seen his eyes on this video😂 he was definitely on something
zebulxn 2 måneder siden
where’s the wakeboarding vlogs at tho???
Shay Walsh18
Shay Walsh18 2 måneder siden
callux stinks
Alexis Christel
Alexis Christel 2 måneder siden
callux stinks
Vikhram Sridhar
Vikhram Sridhar 2 måneder siden
Callux stinks
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 2 måneder siden
I’m most impressed with the raw egg white consumption. That would finish me off more than the steaks and workouts! Damn! (Ps new subbie and bell ringer) xox
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 2 måneder siden
Ill come cook you a steak any day fella, I’ll even make the chips and a pudding if you like 👌🤩
HYPOXI ASCOT 3 måneder siden
so skinny
Abdul Alsalsal
Abdul Alsalsal 3 måneder siden
Jake Pinkerton
Jake Pinkerton 3 måneder siden
You missed the part where he injects steroids into his ass 💉
Nick Brawl Stars
Nick Brawl Stars 3 måneder siden
calek stinks
2ootz tv
2ootz tv 3 måneder siden
The rock is dwayne Johnson
Andythebeast 3 måneder siden
cal stinks
Harry Olney
Harry Olney 3 måneder siden
Callux stinks
Danny Reisdorfer
Danny Reisdorfer 3 måneder siden
bu tt. 11:00
daniel mcgahan-townend
daniel mcgahan-townend 3 måneder siden
i can meck a beter egs
Tiago Rebelo Martins
Tiago Rebelo Martins 3 måneder siden
Tanner did that you just copy her im un suing
Mehrnoosh Kaviani Maram
Mehrnoosh Kaviani Maram 3 måneder siden
Callum stinks
Esbjörn Bernadsen
Esbjörn Bernadsen 3 måneder siden
daimler 3 måneder siden
You're missing a key ingredient. Steroids.
Dhakchayani Ganesh
Dhakchayani Ganesh 3 måneder siden
Imagine The Rock watching this!🤣😂
Just_¥azzek 3 måneder siden
pov: u looked if the rock comment
Banana pills
Banana pills 3 måneder siden
I stay on my computer until its 4am wnd i woke up,to use my computer on 5am
Adam Longson
Adam Longson 3 måneder siden
10:12 me: sees gib long time no see
cal looks like harry if harry was actually adicted to heroin
mredean 3 måneder siden
do ksi
uzma ahmed
uzma ahmed 3 måneder siden
Knackered 😂
Perceval 3 måneder siden
Bro I think u forgot the steroids.
Joie McKim
Joie McKim 3 måneder siden
How’s Harry so gooe
bren24k 3 måneder siden
title:drinking egg whites until i through up.
karma 3 måneder siden
The Stone
C- Gaming
C- Gaming 3 måneder siden
You do realise he slept after his shower
VIV-HYDRO-VIV 3 måneder siden
9:58 😂
Fortnite Rowe
Fortnite Rowe 3 måneder siden
4:32 🤜🍖
Caden Ramirez
Caden Ramirez 3 måneder siden
👁 👁 👃 👄 Calfreezy
Azaiah Jackson
Azaiah Jackson 3 måneder siden
SnowyJoe Vibes
NL_games 3 måneder siden
Lol I have the same wadeboard😂😂
Austin Bridges
Austin Bridges 3 måneder siden
When he has the knife and 🍴 the wrong way around😐
My real name is Leighton
My real name is Leighton 3 måneder siden
Wait a second calfriezzy and Norris nuts did the same thumbnail
Amario Chill
Amario Chill 3 måneder siden
7:24 I can't tell if hes joking when he says its medium and would like it more rare....
estBRUTUS 3 måneder siden
Is anybody here because they saw that JJ watched this?
ツXotiicVahybs 3 måneder siden
24:40 Werewolf transformation 85% complete
Fortnite Ninja
Fortnite Ninja 3 måneder siden
Why yo lips so purple
Big Feet Yoda
Big Feet Yoda 3 måneder siden
U just want views
Gustav Bronnum
Gustav Bronnum 3 måneder siden
24:46 dafuq is going on in the other room?
trip 3 måneder siden
cafreezy made a whole new shit bruh
Owen Dirksen
Owen Dirksen 3 måneder siden
Maybe next time edit the time in the video so we can see how late it is
Cz Mc
Cz Mc 3 måneder siden
cal do u want a video with you're ads FUCK SAKE
Lewis Taylor
Lewis Taylor 3 måneder siden
You burnt the butter you donut you don’t burn it
Callum Brown
Callum Brown 3 måneder siden
Callux reeks
adam kingsnorth
adam kingsnorth 3 måneder siden
ksi is like 5.9
TobyJT 3 måneder siden
4:08 is that Matt does fitness
Gavin Cunningham
Gavin Cunningham 3 måneder siden
I can see it but at the same time no
Joelskee Haker
Joelskee Haker 3 måneder siden
Did you just record a video inside a video
Kaydee 3 måneder siden
Its amazing how this guy makes 3 videos in one video
Pranav 3 måneder siden
You are not gonna gain anything in 24 hours it's a waste of time lol
BraveBlueButterfly 3 måneder siden
I might be mad but watching cal workout is hot af
Farki Reptiles
Farki Reptiles 3 måneder siden
Callux. Stinks
nin_flame 3 måneder siden
I need to be honest who gets there shopping from marks and spensers
FN LOLLIPOP 3 måneder siden
The rock package looks more real than you pancakes
Jaya Iyer
Jaya Iyer 3 måneder siden
You should have done for a week lad
Hunky Beast
Hunky Beast 3 måneder siden
Try being like Johnny sins for 24 hours
Noman malik
Noman malik 3 måneder siden
Frogs gaming Dwayne Johnson is the rock duh
Charlie DAVIS
Charlie DAVIS 3 måneder siden
Callux stinks
yxngxr official
yxngxr official 3 måneder siden
it triggers me how he cuts open the meat through cooking it, he didn’t even rest it 🤭🤭🤭🤭 but banging vid, try eat like Micheal Phelps
Cory Witter
Cory Witter 3 måneder siden
Callum stinks
Prizm 么
Prizm 么 3 måneder siden
Ngl Freezy's content isn't personally for me but i do understand why people watch him. keep up the good work Cal.
Jack Manns
Jack Manns 3 måneder siden
Callux thinks
Ben Pollard
Ben Pollard 3 måneder siden
If horseradish was a person it would be cal
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 3 måneder siden
24:26 lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂
James Savadove
James Savadove 3 måneder siden
callux is gay
ellie gunn
ellie gunn 3 måneder siden
There need to be more videos like these
Sausage playz
Sausage playz 3 måneder siden
Callux stinks
Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh 3 måneder siden
Callux stinks
Callum Robertson
Callum Robertson 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy’s fitness program
Grumpy™ 3 måneder siden
Is Sam Callux's brother? they sound so similar
Cheap vs Expensive MUKBANG