We Recreated The McDonalds Menu At Home! 

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6. mars. 2021





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Kommentarer 0   
Brad Fox
Brad Fox Dag siden
Where can I get this jumper
Ali Ashkanani
Ali Ashkanani 10 dager siden
His badge says “Alex” 😂
FUN-BY 12 dager siden
You forgot the middlebun😟
Ziyad Bharuchi
Ziyad Bharuchi 15 dager siden
2:51 did u get that bag from harries room
Cheese man
Cheese man 16 dager siden
I'm dissipointed that Niko wasn't the EX employee
YOMAX 97 17 dager siden
Bruh frezzy is the best
vemund 18 dager siden
i was was waiting for niko ngl
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 22 dager siden
Just imagine if they had Chick-fil-A nuggets lol
GALAXY彡 DADDY 24 dager siden
Just cal beating some meat.
yyoung zzero
yyoung zzero 24 dager siden
do domino's
BLU JELLY 12 26 dager siden
Isaac Duncan
Isaac Duncan 26 dager siden
did he wash his hands after the chicken?! hahahaha
imadk1ng Gta
imadk1ng Gta 26 dager siden
Where is the light in the fridge 😂
Cathal ;]
Cathal ;] 28 dager siden
Do kfc 😂
Labi Rust
Labi Rust 28 dager siden
Ur goated
Tim_en Måned siden
As a belgian watching this video, the first thing that comes in mind when i see those fries 😅🥲😦😩
Sharjeel Hydri
Sharjeel Hydri Måned siden
He took mom saying “we have mac donald at home” too far
nomer440 Måned siden
it’s a myth the big mac has 2 slices of cheese
nomer440 Måned siden
you air fried them dummy
harsh vyas
harsh vyas Måned siden
If you want a cook off against Theo Baker please comment below If you want a cook off against Harry please like
E B Måned siden
Wanna see something cool..? ssssst Dont do this at home, you will bend your pan xD
Eggsy Still Eggsy
Eggsy Still Eggsy Måned siden
Theo knows how to boost a video.
Chaey Lia
Chaey Lia Måned siden
In Australia they have a gorme Macdonald's so you just did the Aussie version 😏
RunicShark 4283
RunicShark 4283 Måned siden
7:43 there goes the non stick coating 😂
get finniganed
get finniganed Måned siden
Cal’s videos in the past year since the first quarantine have been like a nuns wet dream no joke so good keep it up m8
kennacjzl ღˇᴗˇ。o
2:42. harry's gonna be pissed at u lad for taking his last kg.
kavin seyon
kavin seyon Måned siden
chick fil a pls
Thomas Dawson
Thomas Dawson Måned siden
Kid: Mum can we have McDonalds Mun:no we have McDonalds at home McDonalds at home:
SamDoSquid Måned siden
Teenagers whenever they're home alone: 2:11
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Måned siden
Being from america seeing a 9 nugget box is so weird
Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad 2 måneder siden
PyroSentinel 2 måneder siden
I’m no where near food right now and for some odd reason when they pulled out the McDonald’s nugget I instantly smelled it and again no where near any food 🧐
Kristaps 2 måneder siden
DOMINOS... lets see CALMINOS version
Callum W.
Callum W. 2 måneder siden
T1g3r 2 måneder siden
5 guys
Jessica E
Jessica E 2 måneder siden
The redness in Theos face while attempting to bite the McFreezy burger!! 🤣😭
juniepune 2 måneder siden
theo needs to have a regular occurence in ur vids
Nishant _b
Nishant _b 2 måneder siden
do dominoes pls
Vinay Bhopale
Vinay Bhopale 2 måneder siden
FTR96 Music
FTR96 Music 2 måneder siden
Them fries look dead
Shadow Memes
Shadow Memes 2 måneder siden
five guys vs mcdonalds
Parth Bhatt
Parth Bhatt 2 måneder siden
dominos pizza
Lewis Clayton
Lewis Clayton 2 måneder siden
Do Taco Bell
Roberto Nunez
Roberto Nunez 2 måneder siden
Worked at Burgerking throughout high school and I always laugh when I hear people say the no salt trick. All we did was grab the old fries and dump them back in the oil for like 10 sec 😂 did it for years never had a customer complain
Look Again
Look Again 2 måneder siden
Mouth open ✅ Textbook beta.
Tyler H.
Tyler H. 2 måneder siden
Yo your audio needs to be better man
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knight 2 måneder siden
Damnit Theo revealed the secret to always getting fresh fries
Billy Muller
Billy Muller 2 måneder siden
Where I’m from, it’s called maccas
sylwia nunes
sylwia nunes 2 måneder siden
make KFC cal love your content
Ginge 2 måneder siden
I bet you found that “coating” in Harry’s room huh?
Xolder Nightingale
Xolder Nightingale 2 måneder siden
Couple things, they don't actuall prep the food like this they just make it. Frying in oil is big to get the chips right, and never ever pour water into hot oil, always wait for it to cool down and don't just drain it in the sink.
LitModz 2 måneder siden
i want a McFreezy 😛
Fusion226 2 måneder siden
Nick D
Nick D 2 måneder siden
Do taco bell
MolFitz 2 måneder siden
Should have brought Niko in for this!!!
Leafy 2 måneder siden
In the Big Mac he didn’t put a third piece of bread in the middle
Tamara Gavrilenko
Tamara Gavrilenko 2 måneder siden
First cooking video cal had put effort into lmaooo
Morpheus 2 måneder siden
wear gloves pleaaase, even if u eat it yourself just seeing messy hands dipping in stuff always triggers me lol
luke delve
luke delve 2 måneder siden
kfc vs chicken shop
No0bish1 2 måneder siden
are you unaware about washing your hans after touching raw chicken?
Kalisha-Mia Quantock
Kalisha-Mia Quantock 2 måneder siden
Get KFC done!!!
Ollie Anthony
Ollie Anthony 2 måneder siden
Who is Alex because that’s on his T-shirt
cbocbo 2 måneder siden
kfc next
Heather stemp
Heather stemp 2 måneder siden
Subway meatball sub x
GuntyMcThumbsniff 2 måneder siden
Do nandos, surely will be a banger
brrsuperduper 2 måneder siden
What accent is that?
GB Vengeance
GB Vengeance 2 måneder siden
1 major issue with this... you were way too slow, my drivethrough has slowed down, all about speed!
ZApho 2 måneder siden
Cal- I will leave theo’s channel in the description Also cal- doesn’t do so 😂
Aarshi 2 måneder siden
Theo giving off all us employees secrets now everyones going to be asking for fries no salt😂
addy green
addy green 2 måneder siden
Most people know that, it was a big thing like 5 years ago.
lubna abdul rehman
lubna abdul rehman 2 måneder siden
Not gonna lie , I was expecting Niko to be the guest 😭
Niels7117 2 måneder siden
The face of Cal makes me a bit🥴
Harry Reed
Harry Reed 2 måneder siden
Where is Theo’s jumper from
Charlotte Hvidlyk
Charlotte Hvidlyk 2 måneder siden
do you make a video of the football game you played against pirlo
Josh S
Josh S 2 måneder siden
literally just a burger and chips
Abdulaziz Qutub
Abdulaziz Qutub 2 måneder siden
Woo berry
Woo berry 3 måneder siden
KFC vs Burger King
demon beats
demon beats 3 måneder siden
Sultan alnuaimi
Sultan alnuaimi 3 måneder siden
why didnt you post the podcast yet
Will Osborn
Will Osborn 3 måneder siden
Secure the bag
Dojojack 3 måneder siden
Bosnjak 21
Bosnjak 21 3 måneder siden
How about selfmade Sushi or Ramen from Scratch?
KHJH Tv 3 måneder siden
Secure that bag
Spartin Dav
Spartin Dav 3 måneder siden
Get that bread mate✌️ (Btw I already watched this before but glad it got to a mil.)
Aabhas Panwar
Aabhas Panwar 3 måneder siden
Cal you should increase the sound in your videos. Like the whole sound file should be amplified its very low imo.
Philip Brown
Philip Brown 3 måneder siden
did you say chips wtf it called fries
hen ko
hen ko 3 måneder siden
Everyone: sauce Cal: soss
Kody Turner
Kody Turner 3 måneder siden
Logan Mega The Wolf
Logan Mega The Wolf 3 måneder siden
Dose anyone Remember his fifa 13 career
Aman Khemka
Aman Khemka 3 måneder siden
Nando chicken breasts and rice
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 3 måneder siden
This cheered me up 😂 what a lad having a laugh, make more of these please!
hen ko
hen ko 3 måneder siden
Wh... why the long face cal
Lewis Green
Lewis Green 3 måneder siden
Anyone selling a Krox cola hoodie in a large. It’s the only one I don’t have 😩😩
lkryan 3 måneder siden
Cal do KFC
lkryan 3 måneder siden
Welcome to McFreezy’s 👍
djedwardsmith 3 måneder siden
Sack the editor your burgers were already prepped before you made the sawwwwce
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 3 måneder siden
*Puts oreos in store-bought ice cream "MaDe A mCfLuRrY"
Áine Joyce
Áine Joyce 3 måneder siden
Petition for nandos to be the next one
HOBO TONY 3 måneder siden
Gunther 3 måneder siden
bro the cooking vids are the best u need to make more
Riley Demontfort
Riley Demontfort 3 måneder siden
BreZzy Beats
BreZzy Beats 3 måneder siden
He used actual meat for the patty lmao
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