Reacting To TIK TOKs RICHEST Kids & Houses 

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6. okt.. 2020





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Reaper Hunter
Reaper Hunter 9 dager siden
Bro you should see Australia
Mamita Deka
Mamita Deka 18 dager siden
Banger audio quality lad!
Saint Arj
Saint Arj MÃ¥ned siden
Aleezay C
Aleezay C 2 måneder siden
5:31 everything ok boss?
Clarky Tv
Clarky Tv 3 måneder siden
Cal do you own an iron haha !! Love it bro
M Z.14
M Z.14 3 måneder siden
I like your mic g
Kipp 3 måneder siden
Charlie Day
Charlie Day 3 måneder siden
Holy shit daisy is so peng
Freedom For all
Freedom For all 4 måneder siden
You should check out the internet friends. South African youtubers that do the same thing but the work they put in the videos is much more!!
Operator D
Operator D 4 måneder siden
A house in a nice part of London for more than 4 people can easily cost upwards of £1,000,000. In America, you could probably buy a property 4x larger for the same price :/
alluc movie
alluc movie 4 måneder siden
Calfreezy trying to get that sidemen reacts thumbnail **clickbait** but I respect it
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann 4 måneder siden
The spicy orange extracellularly walk because wound allegedly blind near a feeble feigned pair. barbarous, absorbing roof
yannick 4 måneder siden
i tought this was a sidemen reacts video. Good Bait
xXBigKingIIXx 4 måneder siden
Cal: “this is tygas old crib” Turns out Cal has a genuine 5 head
SANNE_VDH 4 måneder siden
All the houses in the us are sponsored. Though triller is owned by the sawyhouse
Montage King
Montage King 5 måneder siden
Do one on the icon house they are cringe
ei39rk 5 måneder siden
Freezy is the only one who can reverse clickbait me. In that instead of lurring me in with an eye catching title and showing very little of it, he has titles that dont appeal to me but i click it with hope there'd be other segments in due to his vloggy style videos, like when he goes gym or whatever. Sadly here i was disappointed after all that😂
Billyroseee 5 måneder siden
This video is so jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hxmble2k 6 måneder siden
Hxmble2k 6 måneder siden
Caleb whyte aplin
Caleb whyte aplin 6 måneder siden
Colab with tiktokers would be jokee
kayden waldrop
kayden waldrop 6 måneder siden
Wrinkly shirts is so on brand for cal
Theresa May
Theresa May 6 måneder siden
U legit have more subs than Bryce
Akshay Mukund
Akshay Mukund 7 måneder siden
What does maseline mean? 8:44
Lil Dump
Lil Dump 7 måneder siden
Bruv what’s with all these American dodgy boys having perms?
Adrian Marcelleno
Adrian Marcelleno 7 måneder siden
Henry Shaw
Henry Shaw 7 måneder siden
The audio sounded weird. There was a trace of a man with a lisp
RTXFox 7 måneder siden
Ngl why does calfreezy sound so rude towards callux did anyone else notice that? Is freezy a knob irl?
Eleanor Heidingsfeld
Eleanor Heidingsfeld 7 måneder siden
^^ Why the U.K is better than the U.S.A (sense of humour and some humility)
Gram of ket
Gram of ket 7 måneder siden
I had a dream that I met you on holiday and you were a really nice guy so your my new favorite NOsectionsr thanks to my dream💪🏽
Queen Allen
Queen Allen 7 måneder siden
Who else is waiting for another cook off
gage Smith
gage Smith 7 måneder siden
I feel like these people are how the rest of the world sees the US
aleena jane
aleena jane 7 måneder siden
that was only a temporary house the bytesquad was in they're in a much better one now. and they moved in the day before lockdown was announced
NeonButterfly 7 måneder siden
Mohd Waseem
Mohd Waseem 7 måneder siden
Cal little did u know standard cars in Singapore cost a 100 grand
Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels 7 måneder siden
Moistbtw 7 måneder siden
Oh hey
Jimmy Grindin
Jimmy Grindin 8 måneder siden
B-Tec Sidemen Reacts
itsjustyaz 8 måneder siden
tbh id rather live with harry then be like them TikTok people lmaoo
CyprianK 8 måneder siden
Audio is straight from a zoom call 😂
hank hanker
hank hanker 8 måneder siden
what's with these non skip ads been getting a lot recently just me?
broham moham
broham moham 8 måneder siden
Feking Xbox mic
Michael Brophy
Michael Brophy 8 måneder siden
Should have featured the Irish GoHouse was known as the GoatHouse.Multiple famous Irish TikTokers living in there
Mohd Shabuj
Mohd Shabuj 8 måneder siden
Remember sidemen house that is way better then these lots
bogdan negrea
bogdan negrea 8 måneder siden
Ayoo, whats the song at 1:08 ?
Jaye O'Farrell
Jaye O'Farrell 8 måneder siden
Why is Morgan heading up the sway House?
madisafriend 8 måneder siden
Sorry to be that person but the reason being why American houses look like modern day castles and British houses look like we come from the 1600s is because the land is cheaper in America so when you buy a house the house price is cheaper also you get more for your money there than you do in England
Bradley Stacey
Bradley Stacey 8 måneder siden
Alex Warren is killing it tho
damianmiles763 8 måneder siden
Nice audio
10k with 1 video
10k with 1 video 8 måneder siden
10k with 1 video
10k with 1 video 8 måneder siden
JLLMeets 8 måneder siden
I thought there was water in my phone speakers but it’s just the audio quality.
Shawn JamSome
Shawn JamSome 8 måneder siden
The video quality gives off some 2015 YT vibes
sledgehammr 8 måneder siden
I was thinking the same thing! That’s tyga’s old house.
Asura 8 måneder siden
copying sidemen reacts flopped
Merkz 8 måneder siden
SkillianB 8 måneder siden
feels weird watching rich people being guttted reacting to even richer people
joeplays22 8 måneder siden
is chip still with Gee ?
Fraser142 8 måneder siden
just got a Tesla its peice of Sh*t bruh ill take the car eazy you keep grounded cal its why i like you . stay humble bro
rhyz 8 måneder siden
And here I am happy with a new air freshener for the car
louisLives 98
louisLives 98 8 måneder siden
As callux says, “you’ve only brought me here for crippling depression.” I noticed his grey hairs. He just doesn’t stop losing 😂 I feel bad for him cause he’s genuinely funny but the guys think it’s fun to beat up on Meg.💀 love it
Hotsauce858_ 8 måneder siden
damn freezy nice mic
George Nóbrega
George Nóbrega 8 måneder siden
Audio takes me back to 2011
hubbzyy 8 måneder siden
Thing is, if you lot moved out of London you could have a house like that 😂
Karl Rice
Karl Rice 8 måneder siden
Man forgot Irelands Go house 🇮🇪🇮🇪
Lil Kabob
Lil Kabob 8 måneder siden
no property is just way cheaper in the US. the U.K. lifestyle specially in london is the small flat lifestyle kind of like new york. it’s small and expensive. if you move to the US u can easily afford that.
Smily Penguin
Smily Penguin 8 måneder siden
The reason why so many American creators live in houses like these and UK creators don't is because they are a lot cheaper in the US
rohan subramanian
rohan subramanian 8 måneder siden
It looks like a well produced video It sounds like a zoom call
Teh Yoshi
Teh Yoshi 8 måneder siden
Mark Franklin
Mark Franklin 8 måneder siden
Did bff you record the part with lux under watet
A D 8 måneder siden
Anyone notice hes getting more and more of an english accent over the years
rockingwithben 8 måneder siden
this is lame and boring now. everyone is doing this your so late and shit
abady com
abady com 8 måneder siden
Good lighting im not even speaking about the audio
Mitch 8 måneder siden
'Let's copy the sidemen! Yeah make the thumbnail almost the same too as we're out of ideas'
Avi Agarwal
Avi Agarwal 8 måneder siden
*sidemen reacts go brr*
Stourz 8 måneder siden
our cal is a smart donni ykk lol
Leonardo 8 måneder siden
what's the brand of the shirt called that chip is wearing?
Brodie Young
Brodie Young 8 måneder siden
Callux with the zerkaa merch
Unknown 8 måneder siden
The thing is 59k in the uk can buy a mansion in America for use it’s a 1 bathroom 3 bedroom house
TWF 8 måneder siden
Will NE🤦🏿‍♂️
Thom D.
Thom D. 8 måneder siden
Houses in the US are way cheaper than they are in the UK. So that would already explain a part of the difference.
Clicksi 8 måneder siden
Can someone explain what mazaline means kekw
Dat Killer121
Dat Killer121 8 måneder siden
Her cinema is the size of my flat wtf 6:20
King Archie
King Archie 8 måneder siden
They literally remind me of Cody and Noel in this vid
opinion 8 måneder siden
Them man ob tiktok are so clapped.
Isaiah W
Isaiah W 8 måneder siden
Cal go on a rich holiday with ksi harry tobi and lux again like the video one year ago it looks so fun
olivia Bews
olivia Bews 8 måneder siden
The fact will left us😪
Elliot Swift
Elliot Swift 8 måneder siden
Why do they sound like there in a fish bowl
Rabbit TeaPot
Rabbit TeaPot 8 måneder siden
“Why are these guys always so awkward in front of the camera?” Probably because they’ve no been doing it as long as you? Lol I bet 100% when you look back at some of your old stuff you cringe
Holly Tab
Holly Tab 8 måneder siden
14:00 ‘we named ours after a toilet’ I cantttt 😂😂😂
x71 8 måneder siden
Calfreezy recording on a laptop mic audio is ass cal should be punished
Holly Tab
Holly Tab 8 måneder siden
1:57 why is no one talking about the dog on the bottom left which is just floating there 😂
ZS 8 måneder siden
podge games, vlogs, podcasts
podge games, vlogs, podcasts 8 måneder siden
cody ko?
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 8 måneder siden
The Wave House be doing waves
Luca Collins
Luca Collins 8 måneder siden
Audio sounds like a zoom call
Kyle Merson
Kyle Merson 8 måneder siden
The wavehouse must have some dodgy things going on as none of them are actually that big
Kyle Merson
Kyle Merson 8 måneder siden
How is it both English houses are actually worse
rxmmer 8 måneder siden
Wtf is this quality son
fizzys edits
fizzys edits 8 måneder siden
We don't really have outdoor pools in the UK because of our weather, we may have indoor pools though Nice houses in America are much cheaper than houses in the UK I love the UK way more than America though 👊 The UK house reveal was sick & it was a very beautiful house aswel