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10. feb.. 2021





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Aritra Bhandari
Aritra Bhandari 15 timer siden
Harold : Show 'em the success, what it looks like 😅😅 @9:47
King Kumar
King Kumar 10 dager siden
Did they buy or rent this place? Looks expensive
ghaxtly 16 dager siden
pls get the pc off the ground mane
bach vu
bach vu 17 dager siden
omg cal you live in vietnam
Nathaly Kim
Nathaly Kim Måned siden
wtf, I never knew the rooftop where they shot a bunch of sidemen videos was their place lmao
66ipodtouch Måned siden
So this is the roof top where the sidemen filmed the Mukbang video
Fred O’Sullivan
Fred O’Sullivan Måned siden
Think you need to tell displate to fix their United Kingdom map... Ireland shouldn't be there
exro Måned siden
no way cal lived in egypt i lived there too
Alienman1212 2 måneder siden
where's ur bathroom?
Meltem Original
Meltem Original 2 måneder siden
So I will wait for my invite to these promised parties (:
Envy 2 måneder siden
Didn't know cal was into keyboards if you need help ask me!! Also I'm guessing cal was talking about cherry mx switches they are alright I don't really recommend them, or he was talking about cherry size keycaps!!
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 2 måneder siden
How can you sleep without a headboard on your bed, ew
Ryan Shawcross
Ryan Shawcross 2 måneder siden
Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom
charlie edward
charlie edward 2 måneder siden
POV: you are here from tiktok
Lewis Green
Lewis Green 3 måneder siden
Anyone selling a Krox cola hoodie in a large. It’s the only one I don’t have 😩😩
Juliana Bennett
Juliana Bennett 3 måneder siden
harriet elizabeth
harriet elizabeth 3 måneder siden
ayyyy we got it to 1M views
milk 3 måneder siden
Here from freezy ig story
Yothik 3 måneder siden
Finally hit a milly
Dundee United
Dundee United 3 måneder siden
You bet me, you came here see him beg
Chloe Barker
Chloe Barker 3 måneder siden
Anyone here trying to get it to 1 mil?
William Collander
William Collander 3 måneder siden
Who is here from his insta story?
S 3 måneder siden
who's here after cal begged us to get this to 1 mil views?
Amy Martin
Amy Martin 3 måneder siden
Anyone on from his insta post to make it to 1 mill hahahaa
Pierce Foley
Pierce Foley 3 måneder siden
Who’s here from Freezy’s story
Sonny Kinnear
Sonny Kinnear 3 måneder siden
Back here to get a mil
memarkyman g
memarkyman g 3 måneder siden
Video might be glitched mate
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson 3 måneder siden
Here after Cals insta
barira hassan
barira hassan 3 måneder siden
Who is back watching this video from Cal’s insta😂❤️
Mikkel Jespersen
Mikkel Jespersen 3 måneder siden
POV: you ar here from cals story
Oliver Payne
Oliver Payne 3 måneder siden
who’s here from his instagram , trying to get it to a million views 😂
Chucklesome 3 måneder siden
Who else is here to get this to 1M
Louise F
Louise F 3 måneder siden
Anyone here from his Instagram story, trying to get 1M views ☺️
Dan Holden
Dan Holden 3 måneder siden
Eyad Ghosn
Eyad Ghosn 3 måneder siden
Who is here from Cals insta story
Philip Sinclair
Philip Sinclair 3 måneder siden
Really still doesn’t want to hit 1m views las
aryan Shankar
aryan Shankar 3 måneder siden
Was the first one to like this after Cal's story
johnnyjakob 3 måneder siden
Coming from Callum’s Instagram story
Zoe Simpson
Zoe Simpson 3 måneder siden
watching this for the 3rd time to get it to 1mil 🥳
Mysterious City
Mysterious City 3 måneder siden
I’m here from the Instagram
Louii Clarkson
Louii Clarkson 3 måneder siden
POV: You are here from Instagram
Elias Eklund
Elias Eklund 3 måneder siden
Came here from the insta story
Bailey Muller
Bailey Muller 3 måneder siden
Pov your from cals insta
Anom Ous
Anom Ous 3 måneder siden
POV: you came from his insta post
Amy Smart
Amy Smart 3 måneder siden
anyone here after his insta story...🤣
Amy Smart
Amy Smart 3 måneder siden
@Réiltín Pierse helloooo
Réiltín Pierse
Réiltín Pierse 3 måneder siden
heyy ahha
Nık†o 3 måneder siden
i got a rimuru tempest displate
Cj 3 måneder siden
2.5 mil for that*? I mean the rooftop is awsome but everything else looks like shit
Lord 3 måneder siden
closet tour?
DAGGES 3 måneder siden
Ireland not in the United Kingdom your maps wrong
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung 3 måneder siden
Илхан 3 måneder siden
"these absolute beauties"
AlexGAlexG AlexG
AlexGAlexG AlexG 3 måneder siden
If you paid £2.5m you need a new financially advisor. A new bed and some new bedding. And lessons on how to make your bed
Amy Smart
Amy Smart 3 måneder siden
it’s in london though so
Ethan 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy, your face is longer than prince Phillip's lifespan
Amiin Ohmed yousuf
Amiin Ohmed yousuf 3 måneder siden
is calfreezy Gay
ANC 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy: 👁 👁 👃 👄
yoyo 11
yoyo 11 2 måneder siden
Old joke
Luke Cronin
Luke Cronin 3 måneder siden
Is that were sidemen shot there mukbang up on rooftop
Larry_boii 3 måneder siden
you may have put 2 extra 0:s in the 2.500.000$
dekudrips 3 måneder siden
They live in Vauxhall...
bean in za
bean in za 3 måneder siden
i came here from harrys fut draft when i saw u enter lmao
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan 3 måneder siden
i actually have an apartment in the tower saint george wharf except i am on the 42nd floor
AUK 3 måneder siden
its a very nice looking room
Blayzzplayz 3 måneder siden
WHY IS IRELAND IN THE UNITED KINGDOM PICTURE????????????????????????????????????????????????????? tiocfaidh ar la
Abdur-Raheem 3 måneder siden
when two characters from different universes meet
16littlepingu16 ROBLOX!!
16littlepingu16 ROBLOX!! 3 måneder siden
I like how he didn’t mention the upstairs was used in a sidemen video
Aj Medina
Aj Medina 3 måneder siden
Chippy 3 måneder siden
JD 3 måneder siden
does any1 know what keyboard that is and whee to get it?
tamara sky
tamara sky 3 måneder siden
UK apartments are so small , imagine what you can get in the United States for that money.
Mohammed Alkarsh
Mohammed Alkarsh 3 måneder siden
only ogs know this was going to be a video because we were in w2s live stream
Holly Spendley
Holly Spendley 3 måneder siden
Drop the hoodie!
Lucas Mcquade
Lucas Mcquade 3 måneder siden
Who watched Harry’s video and came over to watch calfreezys perspective
Spectrum Video
Spectrum Video 3 måneder siden
Notice how he cut the link to Harry’s room?
Dipperz Z
Dipperz Z 3 måneder siden
Cal gives me klaus Michaelson vibes
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 måneder siden
Love the content but take that “united kingdom” plate down it’s a disgrace
Ben Honeyman
Ben Honeyman 3 måneder siden
2.5 Mill for that? Wow what a rip off,
ashante 3 måneder siden
Is that a real Jean-Michel Basquiat?
The North Manc
The North Manc 3 måneder siden
The bit he cuts in Harry’s room 😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy’s face just pisses me off mannn 😂
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 måneder siden
Yoo. I love you
Stone Mask
Stone Mask 3 måneder siden
I Want To bring the last to leave boxing
M. Shishtawy
M. Shishtawy 3 måneder siden
Freezy lived in egypt? I never knew and I'm egyptian, you need to visit again mate
Joe Keeling
Joe Keeling 3 måneder siden
ELLI5. 3 måneder siden
who wants to donate me 50 pounds so i can buy a photo thing
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy’s face just pisses me off mannn 😂
SharkAttack1248 3 måneder siden
Who else just watched Harry’s video and looked on Cals channel to see if the part when he came in was actually in there😂
Cold Rashers
Cold Rashers 3 måneder siden
Wasn’t the sidemen musk bang on that roof
Cold Rashers
Cold Rashers 3 måneder siden
I ain’t into no kind of big politics shit But I don’t think any Irish person would like Ireland being on a plaque of the UK Still though my friend has those disk plates and they are sick 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Shaun Mchugh
Shaun Mchugh 3 måneder siden
Very smooth transition to the ad there 😂😂
Jeff 3 måneder siden
Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom
Joe Hennessy
Joe Hennessy 3 måneder siden
These are so boring.... including the sidemen versions. Look how rich I am blah blah.
Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh 3 måneder siden
Don't watch it then you melt
Jack Rudge
Jack Rudge 3 måneder siden
I can’t wait for you to start popping out some golf content bud as a 19 year old who has played golf for over 10 years it’s has been hard to get friends into the sport, but with you and the guys starting to take it up it might influence them into giving it a go. Keep up the good work 👍⛳️
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 3 måneder siden
Use me as a “i am impressed by cals outerwear collection” button
Niklas Tanneberg
Niklas Tanneberg 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know where his jacket is from?:)
L Cordova
L Cordova 3 måneder siden
Yoo. I love you
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 3 måneder siden
Harry my man is so hilarious. "That's success" i cant-
Entity Electro
Entity Electro 3 måneder siden
How do you get the discounts I can’t get any?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 3 måneder siden
will be guaranteed a place in heaven. He is coming back soon to take his believers there I pray you’ll be one of them.Amen.
Yassine Warda
Yassine Warda 3 måneder siden
He lived in Egypt ?
Mjmj is matthew
Mjmj is matthew 3 måneder siden
Calfreezy’s face just pisses me off mannn 😂
Christian Onan Medrano
Christian Onan Medrano 3 måneder siden
Congrats freezy!
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 3 måneder siden
I’ve got the same mouse as calfrozen let’s gooooo
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 3 måneder siden
Cal: tries to piss off harry Harry: pLaQuEs
grr50 gaming
grr50 gaming 3 måneder siden
Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom I am Irish and this is pretty funny to me :)
James Carter
James Carter 3 måneder siden
Doesn't look great for £2.5M... I'm sure they could have found better.
Muhammed Wisam
Muhammed Wisam 3 måneder siden
Who's here after Harry's new guy draft vid or live stream like❤️
Ganger 4 mill
Cheap vs Expensive MUKBANG
Goodbye old W2S house...
see you soon
Ganger 2,3 mill